Strategic Advisory





Helix Dynamics Advisors Group maintains an established strategic advisory team of professionals with extensive experience in a number of industries and countries in the areas where we are operating.

Our advisory team comprises of senior consultants and subject matter experts in the following industries: food & beverages, chemical, aviation, IT and communication, FMCG, pharmaceutical and healthcare, high-technology, mass media & entertainment, aviation and defense as well as energy and utilities.

We provide a number of strategic advisory services as well as supporting our clients for strategic decisions. Our philosophy and goal is to assist our clients and potential customers proactively in order to take the right decision on time and not reactively.

Specifically, Helix Dynamics Advisors Group provides the following strategic advisory services:



•… Support on Market Entry

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides support via local researchers in various countries in order for our clients to evaluate possibilities of entering into a new market.

The specific supporting services for the formulation of the market entry strategy is very crucial especially if our clients and potential customers are interested in enter an emerging market where they may be facing language and cultural constraints, as well as local laws and regulations.

An indicative example of constraints is shown in the following example: a producer of meat products is interested in entering into a Muslim country. In Muslim countries according to the Islam religion meat must pass through the process of "Halal" and the product must be produced by "Halal" ingredients under Islamic Shariʻah. It is important for meat producers to meet the "Halal" requirements in order to be accepted as "Halal" certified produced products, especially processed foods.

Helix Dynamics Advisors is familiar with the majority of the current constraints in the countries we are operating and is in the position to provide reliable strategic advisory services in order to mitigate any risks of an investment into a new market. Successfully entering and establishing a new market requires knowledge of the local laws and regulations as well as cultural and religions constraints as well as knowing your local competition.



•  Support on Identification of Potential Partners / Joint Ventures

Strategic2Helix Dynamics Advisors provides support services to our clients and potential customers to identify a potential partner and set up a joint venture.

This is very important if a client is completely unfamiliar with the new markets / countries. It is essential to identify the correct partner in order to enter into a joint venture and expand in other markets / countries.

We assist our clients to identify the criteria of the potential partners, we then conduct our local market investigation by utilising our network of full time researchers in order to identify all the potential partners that meet the majority of the criteria set by our clients. A further step is to evaluate with our client the pros and cons of the each potential partner and produce a short list of potential partners.

Subsequently meetings between the short listed potential partners can be arranged for further re-evaluation of all the potential partners. Our clients will then have has the tools and responsibility to decide the right partner.

As a final step, in collaboration with our client's lawyers and accountants we are able to provide support services for the setting up of the joint venture between the parties.



• Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group utilises their local knowledge and expertise as well as local native researchers in order to conduct strategic and commercial due diligence for our clients.

We assisting our clients and potential customers to conduct a comprehensive strategic and commercial due diligence of a potential collaboration with a third party and evaluate the risks of possible losses of large investments, especially in foreign emerging markets.

Our local native researchers collect all the relevant accurate and up to date information on a market, the potential partner, its business activities, its position in the market, its competitive advantages over other players and the overall competitive position for the preparation of a strategic and commercial due diligence, based on the requirements of our clients. Other information is researched such as: production volumes, capacity of the plant facilities, volumes of sales, imports and exports, warehouses, logistics, etc.

Besides our standard strategic and commercial due diligence reports we also produce fully customised reports covering only a selected number of requirements based on our clients special requirements.



• Pre - M&A Transaction Support

Helix Dynamics Advisors Group supports clients as well as professional firms, such as accountant and lawyers for pre - M&A transactions.

Our experienced advisors and subject matter experts are able to undertake any pre - M&A transaction support, according to the requirements of our clients.

In certain cases, we undertake the whole process from the identification of the target company for a merger or acquisition, collection of local information, support for the short listing of potential targets and support during the initial deliberations with the all the short listed parties.

Also, we assist our clients in the review of the "data room" records of the short listed potential parties.

We then proceed further with an in-depth investigation of the two - three short listed potential targets providing to our clients the right insights and tools in order to enter into the final negotiations. This provides a competitive advantage and the ability to negotiate the clauses of the merger or the purchase consideration more effectively.

Pre - M&A transactions support is customised and based on the requirements of our clients.



• Support on Anti-Trust / Cartel / Anti-Competitive Behavior

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides support for investigations of Anti-Trust / Cartel / Anti-Competitive Behavior in various sectors and mainly in FMCG in all the countries where we are operating. Detailed presentation of the specific services is available at the Market Intelligence services.