IP Protection


Helix Dynamics Advisors Group maintains a specialised team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the crucial area of Intellectual Property. We work directly with our clients as well as with IP lawyers in various countries.

Our investigators work closely with our clients in order to identify any unknown legal entities and physical persons who illegally use the intellectual properties and counterfeit products for illegal earnings.

We focus on investigations concerning counterfeit products, the infringement of intellectual property rights, brand names as well as patents, trade secrets and copyrights, mainly in industries such as pharmaceutical, luxury products, designer clothes, entertainment and media, tobacco and alcohol, FMCG, automotive parts, petrochemical, hi-tech and technology, electronics and communication as well as other industries.

Protection2We also conduct investigations related to grey markets, where the products are purchased and re-sold outside of an authorised area according to the distributor licenses and smuggled products.

Our skill set covers a wide range of IP services across various industries which include:

source url Intellectual Property Protection

 Intellectual Property Investigation

 Counterfeit Investigations

 Brand Investigations

 Brand Piracy Investigations

 Copyrights, Trademarks and Royalties Investigations

 False Advertising Investigations

 Patents and Trade Secrets Investigations

 Domain Names Investigations