Global Trade & Development





Helix Dynamics Advisors Group offers a range of customised services to organizations and businesses who wish to enter or expand further into new markets. Our services can help the exporters determine potential barriers of international trade, reassess their export activity, review their focus and prioritise plans for growth. Helixdia offers reliable trade intelligence on established and emerging markets which will assist in identifying opportunities and reduce significantly any potential risks.



•  buy Lyrica from canada Export Pre-Screening

  • Audit of client's company and external market environment in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).
  • Diagnosis of the target market(s) related to the client's business sector.
  • Prioritisation of markets and analysis and commercial potential comparison of individual countries.
  • Identification of potential partners (agents, distributors, strategic alliance partners, joint venture partners, investment partners and potential customers)



•  Market Screening

Identification and prioritisation of appropriate markets through analysis of:

  • Customised market survey by country related to client's product portfolio in order to identify market's size and growth, manufacturers' and brands' shares, consumer trends and map the competitive environment.
  • In-depth primary research through thorough personal interviews with company executives, business experts or company customers.
  • Secondary research using government date, trade association data, trade statistics, trade press, company annual reports and financial statements and other published data.
  • Pricing comparison, brand positioning, product differentiation analysis, supply and demand.
  • Socioeconomic and political environment, country risk and entry barriers.
  • Comprehensive analysis of potential competitors (local producers, importers, agents/distributors, retailers etc.), product and brand availability.
  • Distribution channel overview (structure and shares, access to established distribution channels, potential emerging distribution channels and trends.)
  • Market entry assessment and forecasting.
  • Current opportunities and recommendations.



• Support for trade show visits and participations

Global1Identifying trade shows associated to your business can enhance your understanding of the market you are preparing to outlook.

This involves the following:

  • Selection of the trade shows
  • Organizing of appointments
  • Support from our local liaisons
  • Contact, follow-up and supervision



• Anonymous survey of partners prior to any business decisions

When entering into negotiations with local partners within a country, either for an export / import project or in any kind of partnership we can help you throughout the above involved stages of discussions with your potential partners.

Through our Anonymous Surveys of your potential partners, we can provide you insight information that will result in possible warnings, eliminating uncertainties or validating your partners.

Our market knowledge covers the administrative and business boundaries of the local habits and ethnicity enabling us to help you verify your thoughts and choices.



• Sales Representation / Channel Development

Customers require development of their sales network and follow-up in purchases and sub-contracting operations within channel expansion which includes sales and marketing fundamentals, logistical support and financial business assistance.

This requires the following:

  • Safe transactions

Reduce the risk of your customer's liability, diminish partnership dependence and ease the market risks of your credit.

  • Pricing policy

Acquire insights of market prices and, attaining knowledge of your major customers will allow you to sell at the correct price.

  • Customer service

Differentiate from your competitors by sales representation, marketing support, financial and logistical assistance.

  • Business development

Implementing the company's sales policy, by supporting your business development, within the distribution channels network, in order to connect the company to any potential distributors.