Due Diligence & Compliance





buy finasteride europe  Screening & Red Flag Checks

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides short term initial screening and red flag checks in order to identify high level risks and red flags, such as fraud, bribes, current court issues as well as important interrelation with PEP's and royal family members, before any actions and in-depth due diligence requirements.

This is a short review of potential interested parties in order to identify if they are interested to proceed with an in-depth and comprehensive due diligence investigation, based on the customers' requirements.


 Enhanced Third Party Due Diligence

Enhanced Third Party Due Diligence services refers to a set of actions taken to evaluate whether an opportunity is legitimate or advisable.
It is the primary line of defence in avoiding, detecting and stopping possible losses and damages caused to a business.

Helix Dynamics Advisors conducts a variety of due diligence investigations to evaluate whether a given acquisition, business proposal or investment is advisable considering the strategic, financial, and operational risks and potential rewards of an investment opportunity.

Enhanced Due Diligence is also performed on behalf of companies, who may want to evaluate potential strategic partners, investors, current and potential shareholders, as well as vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers and other third parties.

An Enhanced Due Diligence Intelligence Report encompasses a variety of research activities which includes a detailed insight into an organization from various perspectives on a multi-jurisdiction level such as:

  • Official commercial and registration information,
  • Operational activates and market positioning,
  • Background on owners and key principals,
  • Commercial and Political / Royal connections,
  • Civil, Criminal, Financial status,
  • Corporate structure analysis,
  • Media and web research in multi-languages,
  • Local intelligence and Reputation, and
  • Overall evaluation of the subject as a potential third party partner.

Due Diligence on-going monitoring reports are also offered in order to assess ongoing risk exposure.


 Know Your Customers Checks

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides a detailed check of potential and existing customers in order to obtain an entire portrait of your potential and existing customers for possible involvement in money laundering, terrorism financing, illegal business activities and other illegal matters according to the requirements of the client.

Also, Helix Dynamics Advisors provides Know your Customers checks for legal entities and physical persons on multi-jurisdiction level.


 Third Party & Vendor Screening

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides third party and vendor screening to evaluate your current and potential collaboration parties in order to mitigate risks of any possible links with negative matters, negative reputation, illegal business activities and links to PEP's and members of Royal families.

It is crucial to regularly screen your third parties and vendors depending the countries and jurisdictions where they are operating in order to avoid possible losses and negative effects to the reputation and image of your company and its business activities.


• Reputation / Integrity Discrete Enquiries

Reputation and Integrity Discrete Enquiries reports for corporations, shareholders and management.

The reputation, identity and image of corporations, shareholders and key management is increasingly is being viewed as a vital part of due diligence requirements.

Understanding the complexities surrounding the identity of a corporation, its owners and main management can be investigated in creative and structured methods and channels such as:

  • Customer
  • Distributors and retailers
  • Financial institutions and analysts
  • Shareholders
  • Government regulatory agencies
  • The general public
  • Employees

Reports can also be catered in order to incorporate corporate reputation, profile, size & capabilities and awareness in the local market and / or region.


• Online Web-Reputation

It is important to regularly evaluate on a multi-language level the online web-reputation of existing associates, third parties as well as the management of specific entities.

Helix Dynamics Advisors provides online web-reputation services by monitoring media sources, forums, blogs, social networks as well as hidden web sources that are not easily available via search engines.

Proactive action of any possible damage to the reputation of your organisation and your business activities especially if you're dealing with third parties operating in high risk countries and third parties operating in various jurisdictions.


• Economic sanctions & Special Embargoes

Helix Dynamics Advisors assists our clients to monitor regular changes in economic sanctions and special embargoes imposed by international organisation and countries around the globe by maintaining an up to date repository of sanctions and embargoes of countries, products, legal entities and physical persons on a global basis.

It is crucial to monitor regularly the modification of economic sanctions and embargoes in order to avoid violation of international trade laws and regulations and mitigate the risk of your organisation of incurring huge fines and a negative effect of the reputation of your organisation and its business activities as well as the reputation of the owners and management.

Also, it is important to screen all your current associates and third parties as well as new partners and liaisons in countries where economic sanctions and special embargoes are imposed by international organisations and countries on an on-going basis.


• FCPA / UK Bribery Act Violation

Helix Dynamics Advisors assists our clients concerning allegations of violations of FCPA, UK Bribery Act as well as other anti-bribery and anti-corruption in multi-jurisdictions.

We offer support to our clients in order to resolve regulatory affairs and possible corruption and bribery allegations in various industries by the anti-bribery and anti-corruption authorities on a multi-jurisdictional level.

Our experienced investigators will work in close collaboration with our clients and their internal counsel and lawyers and accountants in order to investigate the allegations and identify consistent evidence from the internal and external working environment of our client.


Site Visits and Verifications / Mapping

Helix Dynamics Advisors will arrange site visits to office buildings, stores, plants, warehouses and other facilities in order to establish the physical presence of your investigated subject. A full explanation and review will be given of observations and results.


Subject to the local legal framework, the availability of legal documents and official announcements are available either in local language or translated into English.
Listed below are the usual certificates requested; however, additional certificates can also be sourced.
• Trade License,
• Registration Certificate,
• Articles of Association / Memorandum / Statutes,
• Certificate of Incorporation,
• Annual Return,
• List of Directors,
• List of Shareholders,
• Register of Mortgages / Charges, and
• Annual Published Accounts.