Country & Political Risk


Country & Political Risk services are custom made solutions which cater to the below requirements:

• Geopolitical Risk Reviews,

• Country Risk Monitoring,

• Doing Business Risk Monitoring,

• Legal Framework / Tax Threats Assessment.Risk2

It is very crucial for investors, foreign companies as well as other international and regional organisations to evaluate the country and political risk based on accurate and reliable up to date intelligence.

We investigate strategic and tactical actions in certain countries around the globe; more specifically emerging and developing countries for the geographical regions of Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia Federation as well as Eurasia countries (CIS) where we are operating.

We provide supporting services to our clients who are interested in evaluating country and political risk as well as legal and tax assessment in certain countries, for market entry, joint ventures, acquisitions and development of infrastructure projects. We focus on macro and micro level country and political risks.